Report: Detergent and Soap market in Japan

About the Report 

This report gives an overview of the Detergent and Soap market in Japan. It focuses primarily on a market analysis by providing information on market size and structure, and by referencing main Japanese companies and distributors of detergent and soap sectors. It also provides valuable information on Japanese consumption habits related to both sectors. Furthermore, this report references Japanese current regulations and standards in detergent and soap sectors, and analyses the development of foreign companies which succeeded in entering the Japanese market. Lastly, this report provides various recommendations to EU companies for a successful market entry.

About the Expert:

Ms. KIM was member of an investment group in the UK providing market analyses on the Food market in Japan. In 2012, she joined Tokyo Women Christian University’s and worked as research and event coordinator, focusing her work on women’s education in Asia. Since 2015, Ms. KIM is member of Fenetre Partners Ltd. and works as Market Researcher and Project Assistant. Click here to access her profile page.

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Picture: Kao Corporation attack detergent
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