Report: Smart Mobility Market in Japan and Opportunities for EU SMEs

About the Report 

The modern world is changing swiftly – the technological, environmental, societal challenges are addressed with new solutions. The need to cut costs, protect the environment, manage cities, public transportation and daily lives of the people all around the globe leads to the boom of the smart mobility market, which is expected to grow, with the global pandemic of Covid-19 being a catalyst rather than a turning point.

As the 3rd largest economy in the world, Japan places a high value on the advancement of new technologies. The high level of urbanization creates strong incentives for development of Smart Mobility innovations.

It should be noted that the services sector in the country is not only the largest but the most dynamic as well. The industrial sector is immensely diversified; the country dominates the automobile, robotics, renewable energy, biotechnology and nanotechnology industries. Since the development of Smart Mobility ecosystem is dependent on the existing industrial and service sectors, one may conclude that Japan has necessary prerequisites to become a leader of the emerging SM industry.

About the Experts

Łukasz FyderekResearch Director and Co-Founder at East Analytics s.c. Political scientist interested in developing countries – mainly on the Middle East and South-East Asia. Public speaker, international affairs expert and academic teacher. In East Analytics, responsible for R&D.

Agnieszka PawnikBusiness Analyst at East Analytics s.c. Graduate of the Asian Studies on the Jagiellonian University and the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Business Analyst and a researcher responsible for the Far East markets.

Aleksandra Czubak


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