About Fishing

With nearly 30,000 km of coastline, Japan’s geographical conditions are very favourable for fishing. Its 2017 fishery production totalled 4.30 million tonnes. However, the industry on the decline and production is falling. As a result, Japan has had to increase its imports to meet its consumption needs.

Japan Statistics Bureau, Statistical Handbook of Japan 2018, 2018

Table of Contents

  • Consumption
  • Fishery Workers
  • Production
    • Production by Fishery Type and Species
    • Capture production per species
    • Aquaculture production per species
  • Imports
    • Tuna imports
    • Shrimp imports 
    • Salmon imports
  • EU-Japan EPA
  • Expert Report
  • Annual Report
  • Further readings
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs
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