30-04-15 to 30-04-15 | 10:30 h - 11:30h

Webinar 41: Cell technology, cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy in Japan

What’s on in Japan regarding cell technology and gene therapy, and are there partnership opportunities?

Japan has managed to establish a highly coordinated national program for cell engineering, not only in R&D, but also for translational activities such as clinical trials, equipment manufacturing and standardization. Still, Japan, as always, is hungry for further innovations. Might it make sense to team up with a pragmatic leader?


BioJapan is Asia’s premier partnering event for the international biotechnology industry. This event facilitates interaction between biotech executives, R&D professionals, alliance management personnel and licensing professionals from Japan and overseas. The event is attended by almost all Japanese biotech and pharmaceutical companies. BioJapan also offers a partnering programme which allows attendees to set up meetings with one another prior to the event. The fair is held in October every year.

About Biotechnology

Japan has one of the most developed biotechnology sectors in the world, as evidenced by the high number of patents filed. The number of bio venture start-ups peaked in 2013 and  several foreign firms are now trying to enter the market.

About Agroindustry

Until recently, Japanese agriculture experienced a long period of contraction. Since 1990, the value of Japan’s agricultural production has decreased by more than 25% and the number of commercial farm households and agricultural workers by more than 50%.

Biotechnology in Agriculture

Japan remains one of the world’s largest per-capita importers of food and feed produced using modern biotechnologies.


Japan is the third largest pharmaceuticals market in the world. As a result of the country's ageing population, there is a continuous increase in societal healthcare awareness.


As Asia’s largest bioinformatics database is based in Japan, this is an important and competitive sector for the country. In particular, the application of bioinformatics to the pharmaceutical industry is the subject of significant R&D in Japan.


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