Saga Prefecture


Main City: Saga

Population: 833,000 people, ranking 42/47 prefecture (2015) [1]

Area: 2,439 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Kyushu's smallest prefecture, Saga, is located on the northwest corner of the island. Largely rural outside of the two largest cities of Saga and Karatsu. Agricultural and forested lands comprise over 68% of the total prefectural area. [2]


Saga Prefecture has a mild climate with an average temperate of about 16°C. [2]

Time zone: GMT +7 in summer (+8 in winter)

International dialling code: 0081

Recent history, culture

Due to its proximity to mainland Asia, Saga Prefecture has been an important gateway for the transmission of culture and trade throughout Japanese history. In modern times, Kashima City is home to the Gatalympics: a fun-filled competition during which participants compete in unique games and end up covered with mud. The games consist of silly, game-show type contests such as a mud sumo tournaments and a surf board race. It has grown into one of the most famous events of Saga Prefecture with Japanese and foreigners alike participating. [3][4]

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